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Our clients’ happiness is our greatest reward.

We’re honored to have been a part of helping so many people rebuild their lives while going through traumatic times. We’d like to thank our clients for choosing us and the kind words they’ve shared below.

You must have sent the cream of the crop in moving men because Theresa and I couldn’t have been happier with anyone than we were with Will, Sean and John. They could not have been any more courteous or have shown more concern for us.

Again, late though I am saying it, you have employees who make you shine. I’ve been telling future residents who are moving in soon that Door-to-Door is the best.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

-Virginia Faulkner, November 2014

They all were better than I ever expected. They were pleasant to be around and did a tremendous job moving my beloved 3,500 square foot house of 45 years to a 700 square foot apartment.

My two children were here before Katie came for the big move and they wanted to help me, but I think Katie was very efficient and had everything timed exactly right. In the last part of the move, she was so tremendous getting rid of things that I couldn’t get rid of. She took care of absolutely everything. Any time a problem came up, she just made it seem so small and knew how to do it because she had been through it so many times before. She helped guide me through it all and made the move seem so simple even though there wasn’t anything simple about it.

I can’t tell you anything that she didn’t come up with an answer to because she just knew what she was doing and was very experienced. I love Katie. I think she’s a wonderful person and pleasant to be around. We became friends.

She’s smart and knows what she’s doing and I just like everything about the company. I would recommend them to anybody. I enjoyed it so very much that they helped me.

-Betty Bateman, December 2014

I was 100% satisfied, amazed and pleased with Door-to-Door Solutions. It was a very trying time for me because my husband has passed away and I had to downsize from the 1,800 square foot house he and I lived in to a much smaller apartment. I was in emotional upheaval to begin with and I just have to say that from the moment Katie came in and talked with me to tell me what the process was, I was so relieved. She understood my dilemma and told me that Door-to-Door would do anything from as little as I needed to as much as I needed.

I have multiple sclerosis so I’m partly disabled myself. I had never used a moving service before because I was healthy enough to do it myself. I knew now I wasn’t. From beginning to end, to evaluating the floor plan, to walking through the home I was in and finding out what could fit where, we were able to take so much more than I thought I was going to be able to. I felt like I was bringing my home with me.

I would tell anybody that if you can swing it, do it because it was wonderful to have people who knew what they were doing come in and help. On moving day, I was able to walk into my new house and my dishware was already put away. It was good to feel like you were walking from house a to house b and not be so overwhelmed because you have so much you have to do. That was fantastic. I moved from my home to my home and that was absolutely wonderful.

This is the most successful move I’ve ever had. I can’t do anything but give kudos all around. I’ve been telling my friends that it’s not putting stuff on a truck and moving it. It’s the whole experience of how to start downsizing, what you can do yourself and what they can do for you. Every single person from Katie, who did the assessment, all the way down to the packers and the movers and the ladies who unpacked, was super and kind and made me feel very secure and assured. -Cathy Carl, December 2014

-Virginia Faulkner, November 2014

We’ve used Door-to-Door Solutions three times and they are professional, respectful and very knowledgeable of working with elderly folks who may or may not want to move from their current location. They’re great at deciding what pieces of furniture can go or stay. They’re courteous and on-time. They work really hard and all the workers seem to really care about what they’re doing. They want the client to be as happy and comfortable on that first night that they can possibly be.

We used them in 2008 to move my parents to Brandermill Woods. Then my dad had a heart attack and we moved my mom to another apartment within Brandermill Woods. The third time, we used them to move my mother-in-law to Brandermill Woods. I can’t say enough great things about them. They were tremendous.

-Kay Morton, December 2014

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