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Moving Requires More Than the Luck of the Irish

March is a fun month: basketball playoffs, the first day of spring and, of course, St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday brings to mind many things, including dyeing rivers green and the famous luck of the Irish.

At Door to Door Solutions, we love a good holiday and are always thankful when a little bit of luck plays in our favor. But as a small business driven by good project management, we don’t count on luck to get a job done – and if you’re planning a big move, you shouldn’t either.

Moving Is All About More Than Transportation
Lifting and transporting furniture and boxes from one house to another is simply a challenge of physics. It’s about using labor to provide the necessary energy to fight gravity and move an object from point A to point B.

We provide all the necessary labor to move you from point A to point B with ease and efficiency. But accomplishing a successful move is about much more than transporting boxes from one house to another.

Whether you’re an empty nester downsizing from a house to a condo, a new grandparent moving to be closer to your family, or a senior simply looking to streamline and thin out some of your accumulated stuff, moving is about your life.

It’s about setting goals and priorities for what you want to accomplish – and why this move is important to you. Do you want your new house to be set up to match your old house? Are you looking for a fresh start? Do you want to keep everything or de-clutter?

Our job as your movers is to build a relationship with you first. We start with a compassionate and detailed discussion to get to know your exact needs so we can build the best action plan for you.

Measure Twice, Move Once
Even if we haven’t experienced such a move ourselves, we’ve all heard the nightmare stories where someone needs to get out of their house on a deadline and pulls an all-nighter stuffing belongings into garbage bags.

When you don’t have a good plan in place, the only thing even experienced movers can do is load up the truck and unload your stuff as you direct them. The process can be chaotic and extremely unsuccessful – and may leave you with the major project of setting up your new house on your own.

Door to Door Solutions does not work like that. We sit down with you and create an extensive plan to make sure you feel at ease about the journey to your new home, and that the process is a positive experience all around.

Our process begins with a free in-home consultation. Once you sign up for our services, we work with you to create a floor plan in your new home, and then we help you sort and edit any belongings you want to get rid of.

Our careful and experienced movers then pack your belongings according to our plan and help you set up your new home. By following the old engineering adage of “measure twice and cut once,” we keep the process as efficient as possible – and we get the job done right the first time.

Because setting up a new home can take time, we help with disposal of items you want to get rid of (including shredding old paperwork), and we offer storage options for furniture and other items you just don’t know what to do with.

Free In-Home Consultation
The only way to tackle a big move is to take one bite at a time. The first step with Door to Door Solutions is our free in-home consultation.

We’ll come to you to talk about all of your options when it comes to relocating. Whether you just have a few questions about moving in the future or are ready to get started, we’ll be happy to discuss all of the above and everything in between.

To get started, contact us today.

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