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Creative Upcycling and Reviving

Here is what we have come to know in 13 years of helping clients Rightsize. Whatever space we have, we fill it up! While some of our items should be purged because we would never miss them, others await a second life.

At Door to Door Solutions, we love working on projects and finding new, resourceful ways to use old belongings.

Here are three items we all find sitting around that can be creatively recycled this spring.

1. The stack of old linens in the hall closet.
Old linens and towels often are the main culprit behind clutter in closets. People may have a hard time tossing these extra sheets, but do not have a purpose for them.

One way to give new life to sheets is to use them as plant coverings. Rather than plastic tarps that often allow moisture to condense and freeze your plants, linens provide protection.

You can also use scraps from your sheets to leave out for the birds this spring. You will quickly notice many more birds visiting your home and colorful nests taking up residence.

Embroidered linens can be turned into something that lives in the bottom drawer of your china hutch to something that rests on a newborn’s head!

2. Extra dining room chairs.
We all have those extra chairs that are needed just a few days out of the year, but left in the dust most months. Rather than stacking them in your garage or hiding them in the attic, why not use them in a unique way? Take a look:

Not only is this innovative and purposeful, it doesn’t even take up any floor space.

An alternative way to use those extra chairs is to convert them to temporary shelves, as seen here. This is a fun way to display art or plants –just make sure to pre-drill holes to prevent splitting in the chair.

3. That pile of old picture frames.
Rather than trying to squeeze yet another frame on your wall or bookshelf, why not give it a new purpose. One way to reuse an old frame is to turn it into a display or serving tray, like this or this. Pick out some fun fabric or paper to fill the inside and you will quickly have a new item to display flowers, keep remotes or set snacks.

If you need help sorting through your belongings to decide what to toss and what to reuse, Door to Door Solutions offers the services to get you through the process. We are here to help you re-purpose your current living space, dispose unwanted items, assist in storage and much, much more.

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