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    Declutter for a Good Mood and a Great Cause

    Spending time decluttering your home is something we have always encouraged here at Door to Door Solutions. Getting rid of unused items and clearing your house not only makes it look better, it makes you feel better too!This is what researchers found to be true at UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) when they studied 32 middle-class, dual-income families which was later formed into the book, “Life at Home in The Twenty-First Century.”The research demonstrated ho...  Read More

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    Alzheimer’s Awareness: 10 Signs to Watch For

    At Door to Door Solutions, one late-in-life moving situation we often see is when a person has dementia and must be moved to a memory care community. This can be a wrenching decision for families to make, but people with later stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s need specialized treatment they cannot get at home.This can make moving all the more stressful because it’s done in a hurry, under duress. In such situations, we’re here to help with everything from the planning to dispo...  Read More

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